11/16/2008 Entry: Photo Friday ''Autumn''

[CAMERA] Canon EOS 10D
[LENS] SIGMA 12(19.2)-24(38.4)mm F4.5-5.6 EX DG ASPHERICAL /HSM
[Focal Length] 18(28.8)mm
[Tv] 1/30
[Av] f/5.0
[Ev] -2/3
[ISO] 100

[FLASH ver.]

[PhotoSNS ver.] flickr
[JapaneseSNS ver.] mixi

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look girl 'black eyes'
look girl 'wings'
look boy 'flyover'
look girl 'sol'
look girl 'plain'
look girl 'tinted'
look girl 'tinted'
drops arrengement #002
drops arrengement #003
drops arrengement #004
drops arrengement #005 “mori no donguri”
look girl 'lapin'
look man 'passes time passes year'
look bird 'horizon'
look girl “a new spring footstep”
look girl 'música'

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