[CAMERA] Canon EOS 10D
[LENS] EF 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5 USM
[Forcal Length] 85mm
[Tv] 1/60
[Av] f/4.5
[Ev] +1/3
[ISO] 400

[FLASH ver.]

[PhotoSNS ver.] flickr
[JapaneseSNS ver.] mixi

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spring warm rainy wind
fly to that far side
light spoke to me
piece of my life my time
blooming now yellow lion
green green grasshopper
wanted to know you
charming girl #2
charming girl #1
look girl 'yukata'
look girl 'bench'
look girl 'miniflex'
look girl “15th night moon”
look girl 'black eyes'
look girl 'wings'

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